tim and lyla
you're still number one, still the best i've ever had

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get to know me meme: [2/?] favourite relationships → tim + lyla

Did I just say I loved you? No? No? Cause I’m kinda madly in love with you.

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endless list of favorite characters [2/?] » Lyla Garrity

"Enjoy your depraved hedonism"

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Garrity, I love you.
It’s never gonna happen.

i’ve had this blog for over a year and just now realized that the ask box has always been off WOW EMBARRASSING but it’s on (finally) now if anyone ever wants to use it!!!!!!!!! 

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  » “I have come to terms with the fact that my entire life has been about servicing other people. Cheering for football players, dating a football player, being the daughter of a lying, cheating football player!”
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 /  Thanks a lot, sweetie. But I can take care of myself.

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